Bus Safety
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See How Georgia Coach Lines Handles Charter Bus Safety

When you’re in the charter bus industry, safety is not something you can take lightly. Safety is not just a word – it is a mandate and a way of operating. A majority of our time and energy is spent making sure all of our charter buses meet safety standards, ensuring our drivers are properly trained and qualified, and making sure that you, the passenger, understands the measures we’ve taken to keep you safe.

What Makes Our Buses Safe?

Vehicle Maintenance

Georgia Coach Lines has a comprehensive preventative maintenance program that focuses on inspecting and maintaining our equipment proactively rather than reactively. As a preventative measure, our entire fleet of vehicles is subjected to pre and post inspections in accordance with FMCSA requirements. Identifying potential defects in advance means safe and reliable experiences for our customers and lower maintenance costs for us in the long run.

Driver Training

Georgia Coach Lines’s motorcoach operators are career individuals who are passionate about their jobs. Our motorcoach operators are required to participate in a mandatory training and certification program that extends beyond the initial hire. The Georgia Coach Lines process is much like the airline industry where training and education is continuous to generate a team that is truly focused on safety. Whenever any traffic laws and regulations change, we will be the first to know about it and implement it on our buses.

Risk Management

The insurance loss run history for Georgia Coach Lines is far below the national industry average. These results are a reflection of our safe operating practices which are shown in our FMCSA rating. We know that there is no room for error or taking risks when we’re transporting so many people on our buses.

Choose Georgia Coach Lines

We have years of experience in the industry, so you can be sure we have the knowledge and means to keep you safe throughout your journey. Safety isn’t just another part of the job for us, it’s our passion. Are you ready to start planning the trip of a lifetime? Call Georgia Coach Lines today for a free quote!

We Take Safety Seriously

Checkout our safety profile on the FMCSA website.