In an increasingly competitive market, one key to success was to develop a trademark niche. Building on a reputation for good service and clean equipment. 


Georgia Coach Lines, Inc. is a family-owned and operated motor coach company. The appeal of attractive styling and passenger amenities accurately reflected the company’s commitment to providing quality transportation for their clientele since 1985. The strategy has worked. This growth has been a result of identifying the market they wanted to pursue. The motor coach business is one of those unique fields where no matter how many opportunities are created by careful planning and good fortune, they can only be fulfilled by hard work. Careful planning is certainly part if the reasons for Georgia Coach Lines’ success.

We charter motor coaches for all kinds of groups including businesses, travel agencies, sports teams, schools, civic groups, weddings, churches, and conventions, just to name a few. Each charter is special to us and detailed planning goes into each one to ensure that your trip is a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable one. We pride ourselves in being able to offer you first-class service at the most economical price.



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